About WizardSpire Games

Who we Are

WizardSpire Games is an independent game studio located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We are an enthusiastic group of gamers and creators who want to share our stories with the world.

How we Started

Have you ever become so frustrated with something that you love doing, that you wanted to make it better? There is nothing more distressing than constantly wrestling with a game system’s rules instead of actually playing games.

License terms for all of the rule systems we wanted to use were quite terrible in one way or another. They all shared a common feature: they were too restricting in what we could and could not do with the rules themselves.

Over the last six years we have been working and re-working our own set of rules and game mechanics. The Community Codex Adaptive RolePlaying System is the result of many long hours and a lot of help from our community.

Three years ago we adopted the Creative Commons licensing structure so that we could let you and anyone else, make games how you want, without worrying about lawyers and other nonsense that takes away from building and playing.

This year CCARPS will be fully usable and will have an accompanying World Framework. We hope that you can build the games and tell your stories with these tools. We would love to hear from you about how you are using CCARPS!

Our Vision

We wanted a system that we could use on tabletop and digitally. We wanted the rules to take a back seat so that players and storytellers could converge and have fun. In our eyes, social interaction and fun are paramount when playing games with family and friends. The stories we hold in us want to be told and shared and we want to help them, without rules bogging them down.